Finally bought a car this weekend. Had the money to pay for it outright just barely, but decided to finance instead since I've never financed a car and want to build my credit. That and there are no pre-payment penalties on the financing and I got a fairly favorable interest rate for my age and income (7%).

Bought a certified used Honda Accord 4dr. It's a 1999 which is older than I wanted but the certified used covers the powertrain based on mileage not age, and the car only has 58k miles on it (so my powertrain is covered for another 42k miles). It's gold which is good because it won't show dirt to terribly and I can't wash it myself out here, and I dislike most commercial carwashes.

Hooray for my freedom from LA terrible public transportation. :-D
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What a difference a week makes...

Man this has been a crazy week. Spent New Years Eve with violetsith. Spent New Years Day blondehorizons. blondehorizons has been a friend of mine and someone I care about for around 6 months now (not to mention being my employee early on). Well New Years Day something that has been a long time coming finally happened and I find myself with a new girlfriend. One unlike the other previous 3, but excellent in her own right. I won't gush poetic regarding her, but let it stand to say that she has been a good friend to me in the time I've known her, and prior to kiss #1 she had a number of positive effects on my life and my growth as a person and I fully expect that to continue now that we are dating.

Other things I did:
-Ordered a ton of furniture for my place. I still only have a bed, a couch, and a chaise lounge. Need like everything else. Spent a crapload of money but I don't think target will mind. Still need to spend some more, the table set I want is backordered, I still need to find a microwave cart/stand that is both big enough and shaped properly for what I need. A new TV is also in order due to accruing a decent amount of store credit with best buy through some careful game tradeins around the holidays.
-Cut my hair. Bolded so no one misses. I got tired of the long even though I liked it. Found a great hair dresser who charges more than I am used to but a reasonable amount. She is awesome at what she does and considers it an art form. She'll have to stop cutting hair for me to stop going back to her. It's short on the sides and spikey on top now. I'll see if I can come up with some before and after photos to post.

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